Happy sex life 8 tips (Photos)

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sex life can make people refreshed and happy, on the relationship between husband and wife can play a very good role. So, how to get the satisfaction of sexual life? The United States "women’s Day" magazine published an article gives 8 tips.



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1. column personalized life schedule.

for sex to set a timetable, sounds amazing, but a lot of people do. A schedule, the couple will be full of expectation to sexual life, and be prepared for. The sexual life that day, they will be arranged in advance of work and life, adjustment of status, also can be orchestrated foreplay, make romance, to avoid sexual life becomes dull and tasteless. Investigation shows, sexual life time arrangement of husband and wife, sexual life quality higher, experience more enjoyable wonderful.



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2. and having your bedroom door locked.

Jennifer · the Flanders married for 24 years and have many children, the youngest child of only 11 months, the biggest 23 years old. She jokes that no matter the family moved to where, the most important thing is to give the master bedroom for the new lock. The couple told the children, when they put the bedroom door shut, if not an emergency, the children can not enter. Lock the bedroom door, leave room for himself, is their secret to keep the quality of sexual life. This is to have children or live with their parents, husband and wife is very important. Lock the door, will let the couple have a sense of security, open, and devoted to the two people in the world.



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