he this year just calculate really perfect

Argentina draw Messi helpless teammates suck Martino substitution passive – Sohu sports   the first half 2 to 0 lead, the second half was the opponent scored two goals. This is the first game of the tournament in Argentina, america. With Messi, Aguero, Di Maria, Tevez, Gonzalo Higuain, a large number of offensive genius of Argentina, how will be the Paraguay has not yet recovered the limelight? Messi said that the second half of the Argentina fell asleep. Argentina coach Martino said, we wasted too many chances. Messi is disappointed that his teammates fell asleep with Messi or the Messi, but Argentina is no longer the Argentina World Cup in Brazil. From Barcelona back to Argentina, Messi’s goal is to lead the blue and white Legion to get the American Cup champion. Before the start of the Copa America, Messi in an interview said that only Argentina won the America’s cup, he this year just calculate really perfect, although he won La Liga, the king’s cup and the European crown three crown in Barcelona. With the Paraguay game, Messi to the team into the energy. The first half of the game, Argentina two goals are related to him. Aguero’s goal, because of the oppression of the other side of the Messi lead to a mistake in the busy. Subsequently, Di Maria break caused other penalty area foul, Messi firmly hit penalty. 2 more than 0 lead, and the rhythm of the game is completely controlled in the hands of Argentina, such a game, it seems no reason to win. However, Argentina is not really able to win the final. The whole game, Messi’s performance and in Barcelona, no difference, he can not, to the opponent’s defense made a huge pressure. Paraguay defense on Messi, in addition to foul and fierce closing down, there’s no other way. In the game, Messi after being infringed, could not help but say the dirty word. Such a result is difficult for Messi to accept. "We played well in the first half, but the whole team went to sleep." Messi after accepting a reporter to interview, said that "when they attack out. We should have take the game into bed, but the result is not so. In the first half we controlled the rhythm, and they took the ball away from us in the second half." Multitray Martino substitutions more passive Martino replace Sabella coaching Argentina, there has been no show convincing level. And Paraguay’s game can be said to be the best example. Last year in the bird’s nest in the South American Super Derby, Martino test tactics, the results were brutally defeated Brazil. Later, Martino slowly changed back to the rhythm of Argentina. And Paraguay, in order to let Messi feel comfortable, he even copied Barca’s tactics, Mary played on the left, Aguero protrusion, Messi on the right-hand side. Throughout the first half, Martino’s tactics were successful. With goalkeeper Romero’s words, "we played Martino’s football." However, in the second half, Argentina suddenly lost control of the game. Pulled a ball, Paraguay crazy attack, this time, Martino has removed the midfielder best Pastore and goals Aguero for Carlos Tevez and Gonzalo Higuain. After the game, Martino explained the two substitutions said: "for the two of them are in

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