Hot skills of perfect foreplay

            want to coax a girl to go to bed, and it is not an easy thing, but to learn to play the foreplay, get a girl is a small thing easily.

          foreplay one of

once you found her lips parted, the tongue slip into her mouth around her tongue around immediately, kiss her deeply, try to let her hear you breathing sound, let her know she makes you feel excited, a kiss, a put a hand on her chest, gently rub her breast around. At this time she would not have to resist, kiss her a little more, and then the other hand reaching for her another breast, to draw a circle the way massage her breast, occasionally gently squeeze. Then, undo your clothes by hand, lasted so long is to this moment, at this time, observe all her buttons where, and the styles of her clothes, good research how to undress her, if she is wearing no buttons of clothes, you will have reached into her clothes off it is good.

The two



The three


bra this closes not well addressed, because some open the front, some open behind, generally as long as you move the fingers on a button on a crowded can be opened to be careful not to let her clothes damaged, free back bad cross the trouble! Unless she let you unlock the bra, but, other places do not rash! When her bra off >

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