How do sexual foreplay climax

sexual foreplay refers to: before sex , someone can during sexual intercourse to advance to the some teasing act climax of preparation for the. Full sexual foreplay can let your sex is more perfect, so the foreplay to do? Next, let us together to have a look!

1 sexy .


burner is absolutely hot. Let him touch your bras for ten minutes, and your head cover in the coat, with a hand across his clothes caught his

2. asked what he liked to do.

male in communication but notorious incompetent, so if you ask him, he will use his bad ways to let you do what he want you to do. Can’t let him free to put your head down and began to him, more can’t let him beat your body, so really kill the scenery. Instead, you must let him to ask for what he wants. This can not only improve his "caused by", but also increase the value of this moment is sexy.

3 do not expect he’ll read your mind.

and above the same, "Q" is the key to make you satisfied. Is not need more

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