How do women seduce men using hip

            when a woman by effect of elevation high-heeled shoes women ‘s hips, buttocks become an upturned makes the image, and then, in the eyes of men, women twisting hip put a desire in the hearts of men the excited. So for men, not only love a woman full of breast , a woman’s buttocks also has the very big allure for men.

            using the hips accelerated sex

in the male and female sex skills, can accelerate the sex to use the hips. Might as well just by the method of painting circle, and imagine this area like the two regiment white flour regiment to rub, especially the central slightly on the hip near, it is very sensitive, with the index finger and middle finger from the anus to the waist is pressed into the direction, the feeling which makes women crave a little early for sex . But it is important to note, men do not use brute force to do, or make a woman feel pain and hurt sex, would run counter to one’s desire.

man love woman buttocksMen like

and the warped woman walk together, the hip will give a man vitality and excited feeling. And women are more interested in hip flexibility. When the compaction of the hip belt a little drops of water, can cause the man impulse. Of course, the man didn’t love woman "hips", so, for his lack of a certain allure. Therefore, people pay more attention to long-term and sedentary or not


man woman buttocks look at its shape

for men, he’s more like peach and apple white shape, but more like apple the luster and feel, also like a peach round and curve. In the man heart, as the male and female skin, open hands, inward sliding along the woman buttocks, bottom slide into the body of a woman is the most enjoyable. Hip curve of course is bigger is better, that is to say the more the better alice. So, the woman hip curve also has the very big allure for man Oh!


Tan men love women


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