How postpartum sex muscle exercise

and my husband and I were married for more than 6 years, most of the day is spent in the sweet. He is 4 years older than me, very considerate. For the "pleasure thing, his strong desire, is also very good at stimulate me to" sex ", I also respond to him with more enthusiasm, with two people although not perfect, but also feel very harmonious and happy.

last year I gave birth to a fat boy, do episiotomy, although various aspects of postpartum body recovery is good, but always feel vaginal seems to become loose, copulating with a feeling of not enough appropriate. Although her husband surface is not quiet, trying to project deputy always looks like, but I to her special delicate and sensitive, from his manner can still vaguely see some signs of interest not to. Gradually, we significantly reduced the number of sex. I produced a sense of anxiety, and so on, happen what kind of consequences?

one day, I was thumbing through a magazine when, after the " sex muscle exercise" article delivery found accidentally, spoke by exercise can enhance vaginal contraction, help to improve the of life quality, I’m excited. But some of the content in the article, I read several times, still not fully understand. So, I took this article, entered the hospital care consulting room. Is a middle-aged female doctor named he received me, she patiently listened to my complaints, and carefully for I made gynecologic examination. She said: "you of the genital tract does not exist what organic STD variable, in addition to the psychological aspects of the need to strengthen the adjustment, put aside ideological baggage, can try sex muscle exercise." After going home, I follow what the doctor guidance "Kegel operation" method, earnestly exercise together.

my exercise program is divided into three step >

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