How to control the duration of climax

      for women, " as the climax is an unattainable peak, there is the best, not enough to make sex pale; and man’s orgasm while easier, but also early, late May not, because they represent the climax of

      teach a man how to control the climax time

the body to relax

to relax the leg and hip muscles. During sex, ejaculation is controlled by the PC muscle, then, hip and thigh muscles are tense. Although some people think, the muscles tense up can enhance the pleasure, but also make the climax comes faster. Therefore, try to make the muscles relax, can help you to postpone the climax time.

attention to position

in the sex, if you and your partner by the men and women of the posture, is easier to control the climax. But the male host, because the the body weight of male are pressed on the on the penis, at the same time the body constantly up and down or left movement, cause muscle is nervous, although this will also bring pleasure, but not easy to control climax.

uses a throat breathing

men can adjust breathing to prolong sex time, such as the throat breathing method. This is a kind of yoga breathing method, it is a bit like the nose breathing, but more slowly, more gentle. Method is: relax, put the idea on the nose, slowly adjust breath, make it become calm and rhythmic. After a period of time, the thought on throat, gently contraction of the muscles of the throat, and send "ah" sound, like a baby to sleep lightly snoring sound, the whole process should be slow and deep breathing. This technique is said to be man’s patent. To reach full moisture in the erection of the penis "

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