How to determine sex foreplay enough


              ideal and happy foreplay is two person of physical contact based comprehensive, obtained at the same time
love happy and happy feeling, this needs each other whole-heartedly, and will be increased to a certain level of excitement.               now, people all know, in the
sex life between husband and wife before, caress to relieve stress and anxiety, to help each other to relax, to arouse sexual desire, and gradually into the state, is very important. This is the foreplay, it is sexual life indispensable link. Under normal circumstances, there is no sufficient stimulation, sexual excitement arousal, and hastily into the life, is difficult to obtain satisfactory sexual life experience.

: how to judge the merit of the

stimulus adequate?

so, how to judge whether the "almost" foreplay? There is a very simple method — Observation of the other chest. During sexual excitement, both men and women may appear similar to a maculopapular "sex flush," is more common in women. It began in the upper abdomen, and then quickly spread to the chest, because of the environment and the light, may ignore this phenomenon between the lover. For the habits of lights climax before . In addition, male can also observe whether there href= "http://sex.1> love

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