How to enhance the sexual excitement of incomplete guidance

natural breathing. Hands on abdomen, the thumb on the navel, the remaining four finger buckle along with the lower abdomen, nose inhale slowly and ideas along the spine moves up to the jade hole, heel with slowly lift. When the body is referred to the highest point, heel rapid whereabouts on, shake brain; at the same time light shout "Hi" sound, thought to the pubic region. A firm foothold, relax the waist, with the nose slowly inhale, belly slowly muster, then both hands supporting the lower abdomen trembling under three, with trembling, light shout "Hi" sound 3 times, so, provided with a hilarious, trembling,

enhancement of female sexual arousal self adjustment method

, 1, sits on the stool, two feet, and shoulder width, hands on the thighs, palms down; to take the seat when sitting on the stool side, don’t sit with.

2, in addition to the distracting thoughts, concentrate, focus to the perineum, natural breathing; breathing when will the pudendal mention shrinkage, exhale to relax, breath to abdominal breathing for the party.

3, a face down position, arms straight and put in the waist, legs and Qi, and try to improve. Stop 6 seconds after the legs increase, this time to shut the anus. This action is repeated 5 times, slightly after the break, then do 5 times, this exercise can effectively enhance systemic strength.

4, a rejuvenation of the acupoint stimulation of excitable female, can let the human libido.

5, the first standing with feet together, the left foot to the left, to the left and right foot is T type, then lifted his right leg was about 90° the right angle, this movement repeatedly 5 times. Then the right leg rightward, left to left lift about 90°, all done 5 times.

6, facing south, two parallel open, and shoulder width, chin slightly up, the whole body relax, serene, under the virtual reality. Inspiratory when ideas close to perineal and kidney in one, exhale, relax, and external drop back in situ. So again to suck up page down several times.

relax tension recovery exciting adjustment method

stand, the first breath, dismiss distracting thoughts, as soon as static, namely CIS abdominal breathing. From the chest, abdomen, back, waist, buttocks, back, foot, foot, followed by the body to relax. Inspiratory when intended to keep the relaxed position, tongue against the palate, exhale to relax the site, such as feel separated from the opening of the mouth, repeated 3 times. The whole body relax, inhale slowly into the nose, smell of mutton is lower by nano Dantian; at the same time close to the anus testis (women as the uterus), omphaloskepsis moment, then the gas from the pubic region of nostril breathing from the smell of mutton, and slowly relax the anus testis (uterine).

women improve the ability of self adjustment method

sat on the hard chair or take standing position, will start in the lung of dirty air, and then the abdominal muscle relaxation, so that the body force is eliminated, and then try to inhale, hard look inside the abdomen contraction to the maximum extent, and then breathe in, the air is full of the entire chest. Then relax the shoulders, so that abdominal swelling side up, slowly air spit, practice repeatedly 2-3 times a day.

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