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acupressure penis

often uses acupressure massage penis penis, which can effectively improve the ability of. The method is repeated with the fingers to pinch the penis. This can enhance the activity of JJ nerves and blood vessels of the. This is as a man repeatedly rub in the cold or fist can improve the blood circulation of the fingers, fingers red warming. Hand grabbing repeatedly causes the penis erect penis. Penile erection is not mind to massage. But sooner or later, carry on the massage bed. Such as a ring of 8 more before the turn of caressing helps to establish friendly and positive atmosphere.

2 topical Delay Spray

external delay spray: the main ingredients bnide bnide Delay Spray is the essence of many plant extracts, pure natural green formula, does not contain any hormone and prohibited ingredients, no side effect, no dependence. Bnide Delay Spray is in the JJ after the erection, can guarantee the long time for the movement of the piston, conquer your woman, without early > ejaculation. The principle is the main component of bnide delay spray effect on the glans penis cavernosal tissue, reflect the tiny vessels on the most sensitive soothing glans, make subcutaneous nerve slow brain transfer ejaculation command, to achieve the purpose of delay. Action principle bnide delay spray point of view, should be the present safe delay products, listed a few years time, almost no reports because of the use of bnide adverse reaction caused by bnide delay spray.

3 field alternating hot and cold water bath

this is a very old man enhancement

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