How to make a woman orgasm is more better

              recently, sexuality experts also proposed to revive and improvement of this method, and said it had achieved certain results. In the 80’s of last century, USA two scientist announced, find a way to effectively extend the high tide, which attracted the attention of many people at the time. It is understood, the improved method consists of two phases:

              the first stage: and friends together.

woman lying in bed, partners sitting at her side, and then gently touch the external genitalia, lasts about 5 minutes. In this process, it is best not to stimulate the female clitoris or vaginal . Next, you can gently stimulate the female clitoris, fingers gently, regular circle. At the same time, the female should tell a partner, what kind of intensity and pace of be just perfect. When women close to orgasm, " male stop stimulation. American sexology expert thinks, this is just the beginning of the first climax of women, now should continue to stimulate the female clitoris gently with your fingers, and in its ready condition, increase the intensity and frequency of stroke, this will stimulate a new round of upsurge of women.

second stage, improve their own understanding.

as a woman, should have a correct understanding of. As sexuality experts pointed out, many women will have resistance to

set up the correct knowledge, then women should conduct perineum shrink practice >

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