How to reduce the sensitivity of the glans penis


is because glans ejaculation by intense stimulation (usually pressure) occurred after. If we can reduce the sensitivity of the glans, ejaculation will be delayed. Here to introduce several methods:

1, distracting method

love input, ideas are concentrated in the glans penis. > men have their own body and even into the women’s feeling. At this time, if the content of thinking about other things. Can alleviate temporarily ejaculation impulse.

2, mechanical compression method

buy pharmacies generally have similar ointment. Applied to the glans penis, can reduce the sensitivity of the glans. But this kind of thing for women would hurt? It’s hard to say. After all, is a drug, but also to enter the vaginal . In addition, is put on contraceptive set. Generally it takes longer than straight sex. Although some people say, put on > condom sex raincoat bath.

3, the enhancement physique

people love a good general physical time to be longer. So fundamentally speaking to exercise, and attention to nutrition. Some people say that eating three whip like is very useful, maybe with a little. But the actual role in the psychological than physiological role of large. Comprehensive improvement of constitution is the fundamental.

4, strengthen the training of

love is indeed a kind of art. And it is two person of art. For example: pair skating. The emphasis is on cooperation. Practice has proved that women are good at guiding words, male >

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