Husband and wife love tips

1, often memories of love: love is leading marriage, men and women in love, that moment to two love, from the scene, it is very beautiful. After marriage, often recalling premarital love scene, can arouse feelings of husband and wife of resonance, and increase the romantic on emotional memories, more longing for the future, so as to promote feelings of husband and wife.

2, arrangement of "honeymoon" again: wedding honeymoon, the couple feelings is the most concentrated period. At that time, two people put aside all the troubles, fully into the more than honey love world, enjoy the "garden of Eden" of music. After marriage, if can use holiday, arrange time each year from the "honeymoon", Buddha a remote tourism, recreation of two people love small world, a review of the old dream, it can continually increased in love waves, so that the feelings of husband and wife is getting more and more thick.

3, celebrating festivals: wedding anniversary, birthday, anniversary and other tokens of love, is an important day in the history of both husband and wife love. Then, take appropriate forms, to commemorate, make both sides feel each other have deep love for her, which plays a very important role in consolidating the feelings of husband and wife.

4, compensation past debt situation: many couples get married because of the limit of conditions, failed to take the ideal form to return the love of the other side, if not on their honeymoon, failed to buy a decent lover gift and so on. Several years later, when conditions are ripe, remember to complete these matters not had in the past, in order to repay the debt owed to the situation, will make the other feel that you are a very heavy feeling,, passionate, love you love will multiply, such as many gay marriage to love to buy gold jewelry, many have been thirty years of age couple fill wedding color and so on.

5, learn to please the lover: some men and women, before marriage and the other appointment, always want to try various devices to please each other, but after marriage no longer care about each other feelings on their own. This kind of practice is will damage the couples. So, after marriage, the woman comrade still as in the past to gentle Xian accomplishment, care for her husband concern; and gay men should be careful with his wife’s feelings, not only to everywhere considerate care for his wife, but also learn some to please his wife’s techniques, such as she buy clothes for the senior staff, help her make beauty program, from time to time to humor and so on.

6, and some surprise: exceeding one’s expectations to make each other surprise, often have feelings "doping" role. Therefore, to create a little surprise, very helpful for enhancing couples feeling. As to deceive each other, will he (she) in the distant relatives connect to meeting, for the other side want buy goods, create a each other not ready but very loving activities for the couple, can make surprise arise spontaneously, >

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