Husband and wife sex too long reduced ability

because the male and female physiological structure is different, male to develop the female curve has the very big difference, the objective factors which is why easy to cause the of cold , know the time difference is very important for the harmonious life of husband and wife……

"early know, had with his wife in a city work." Mr. Wang said ruefully. 3 years ago, Mr. Wang because the working relationship, have to and his wife separated, sometimes half a year to see a two. Although the lover is not around, but Mr. Wang and his wife were restrained myself, without any selfish ideas and personal considerations "".

however, Mr. Wang was surprised to feel, when husband and wife two people meet, want to have a good warm some, their sexual ability and the sense of pleasure was not as good as before. Later, Mr. Wang asked his wife feel the same way. "Said the absence makes the heart grow fonder, husband and wife from time to time to see each other again," of sexual life should be more passion, feel better ah, how can that be?" Mr. Wang was very puzzled.

actually, regardless of gender, sexual ability has a "disuse" of the law. This is like a car, often to drive it, you will feel more and more conveniently, the performance of the car will achieve the best; but if not for a long time driving or maintenance, not only their own driving skills will be unfamiliar, all parts will rust, failure, driving up naturally not so handy.

a person’s sexuality. Too long without sexual life, sexual ability decline, will lead to endocrine disorders, women may even trigger a series of gynecologic diseases. So we have suggested that we should have a regular sex life, this is good for your body and mind.

sex notice:

sexual life too few women, higher incidence of hyperplasia of mammary glands. From "sex" way of speaking, can from the following aspects, solution >

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