I heard that… Xiaoke and lie

No0. Need to post column 1 name. Ask for voluntary results. Article brief introduction: second volunteer can open it? I heard that… Xiaoke and lie (column) friend I had (home) children to (want to) Yi (Yi (Art) eugenics two voluntary first voluntary experimental high school if the scores are not options (enough) the second voluntary Neng (can) cannot open it? Previous rumors of reported second voluntary was not admitted of because they are admitted to the first voluntary the ER (second) Cheng (into) the performance if wo (I) in Art (excellent) you alive to try middle school (US classes) Jiu (is) enough Le () will not be art students first admitted it? . first of all, do not listen to rumors to believe official second specialty students belonging to the early admission if talented students score enough indeed to enroll first go. Well, thank official reply is how is it? If it is 120, 31 such schools second volunteers can open it?

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