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How to Raise Pigeons Pigeons are graceful birds that you can keep at home without devoting a lot of your time to care. You can avoid a lot of problems associated with rearing the birds if you build a firm foundation when getting started. For those looking to get started with raising the birds, it’s important to find out how rearing is done. Educate yourself on the different pigeon species available, their breeding and best environment to rear them. The type of pigeons you wish to keep should guide you on the housing to build. The main consideration to keep in mind is whether the birds you want to keep usually perch on trees or prefer staying on the ground. When constructing the pigeons’ houses, keep their natural preferences in mind. You should also consider the environment where you will be rearing the birds. Consider how the species you wish to keep will react to the sunlight, wind intensity and light of the environment you will be keeping them. What to Know When Buying Pigeons
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Make sure the pigeons you wish to buy are healthy. Your work will be easier if you buy a healthy pigeon. If you will be racing the pigeons, go for breeds that are known to be strong and agile. The best racing pigeons are those breed from other racing types. The pigeons are likely to have the characteristics of their racing uplines. If you buy racing pigeons, you will not have to start training them from zero when it’s time to race.
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You should get your birds from a highly respected breeder in your city. You can find the breeders in your area by searching on the Internet or asking for referrals from pet vets. Contact the breeders and inquire about the pigeons available for sale. When you meet the breeder, ask to see the breeding records of the pigeons so that you can view their health history. Another thing to consider is what the pigeons will eat. There are varieties of pigeon feeds available at pet supplies stores in your area. You can also search the Internet to find pet stores that sell pigeon supplies. If you are on a budget, you can feed the pigeon corn flour at home. However, it is best to buy commercial foods to make the birds strong and fast. Seeds and mealworms are the other feeds you can provide the pigeons with. You should evaluate your pigeons on a regular basis to ensure they don’t fall sick. The chances of the birds becoming sick will drastically reduce if you always keep them in the loft. If you usually let the birds fly outside, check them regularly for parasites such as lice. You can easily treat lice infestations in pigeons using various medication.

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