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Some Care Tips For Your Carnivorous Plants Finding your plants may be your main concern because carnivorous plants are growing in selected locations only. The question here is, where to get your plants; are there nurseries nearby where you can buy some for your garden or yard? In case that there is, you better start with the systematic methods on how you could care for your carnivorous plant with the help of the following tips below: Tip number 1: Set up the garden by imitating the natural habitat of carnivorous plants – don’t forget to check the soil and identify its nutrition level. When you’re in the process of growing these plants, better be sure that you’re using distilled water only. Tip number 2: Buy young plants in pair all the time – getting a reserve plant for your garden always pays a lot especially if the other is not that healthy to live in its new habitat.
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Tip number 3: Transfer the newly bought plant in your well patented and well established yard – carefully remove the plants from their containers or nursery bags when transferring them.
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Tip number 4: Prevent your plants from receiving direct sunlight – carnivorous plants in comparison to other plants must be steered clear of direct sun exposure because it may harm their growth. Rather, be sure that there is enough sunlight but do not put them under the hot rays of the sun directly. Tip number 5: Avoid fertilizer cultivation – when compared to other plants in the garden, these plants are not really great partners with fertilizers. Instead, it is vital that you set your garden in a humid or swampy condition. Tip number 6: Don’t feed your carnivorous plants like typical pets – whether you believe it or not, these plants can eat on their own be it actively or passively. Yes it is true that you’ll stumble on several opportunities to feed them but it is recommended to let the plants feed on their own. Just leave the plants outdoor and let them do their feeding habits. Tip number 7: Keep few flowers for young plants – their nutrients are transferred to the flowers when your plants are nearby on it. Make it a point that you cut the stem off if there are less than 10 heads per plant. This is a great way on how you can properly take care of the carnivorous plant because it would prevent your plants from dying. Of course, you want your carnivorous plant to grow healthily and at the same time, live longer; and in order for that to happen, I strongly recommend that you do the seven tips that I have talked about in your plant.

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