Improved penis Secrets of men continued to fall

        enhanced reactive tips (recommend you the following Kung Fu continued to do):

        the most basic is to > to lose weight, exercise more, especially the leg muscles.

        enhanced penis reaction, training the penis can free up and down tics: morning erection, to the restroom before, with 1/3 fingers gently press the distance of the tip of the penis, the penis is pressed downwards, so the penis will close to the standing state, and then stick on the penis with finger tip, feeling its reaction, side closed side of the anus, penis to push up.

        to do not make of loss function, the best night naked, let little little brother breathe fresh air and cooling pouch bag, enhanced the function of testis.  

        repeat this action, probably do a minute.

      masturbation forge catenary method: strong stimulation and coherent ejaculation , can not achieve the purpose of exercise, should be hand clenched, relax, hold, repeatedly oppression penis, this action can activity of nerves and blood vessels which.

      in addition, when the upper and lower masturbation, if the feeling of ejaculation, should immediately stop, with the hand the root of the penis, and then stop, continues, then stop, repeated several times. (this method is not often used).

        hardness enhanced tips:


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