In a different mood, experience a different kind of sexual pleasure


                enjoy the time

"in the past when I can’t get in a , I always very nervous. Later, I asked one of my good friends to talk, she used to have encountered the same problem, but she learned how to focus on foreplay pleasures, and try different posture — instead of her for the climax of the anxiety, after she received more fun. Her words made me relaxed a lot, she also made me realize, good sex is not certain and G together. But, since I took her method, I also got more orgasms."

— Leigh, 26 years old, copy

suggested: her friend was right. About 75% of in women and not know ourselves seriously. Every human body sensitive location is not the same, so it requires you to find. You can let your boyfriend to go with 5 different poses at least challenge, even if these do not work, you will still get fun to try.

grabbed a short time

"my boyfriend and I have to work for a long time, the results of our life greatly affected — frankly that we simply don’t have the time affectionate. Until one of my friends told me, she often at work before or during the day when a very rapid sex. Today, my boyfriend and I often meet at lunch time, or set aside 10 minutes to do the things we love in the morning. Although this and that kind of take it leisurely and unoppressively sex is not the same, but it’s very exciting, and we will be more need each other."

— Lucy, 29 years old, a newspaper reporter

recommends that: when you are very busy, sex is very easy to be ignored. But a quick sex after all is better than none, and it will make your relationship for normal operation, until you have more >

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