In Feng choking sex position

don’t have any kind of posture with special effects, different positions for different people, for example, flexibility is good enough, you can do some more difficult moves, get some beat all pleasure. Here is the introduction of several female in position, basically any women can use.

Phoenix in

the man lying on the bed, the woman straddle on the thrusting, control the rhythm and depth. Because the woman’s weight, the men’s actions are greatly limited. Some women like leaned forward to kiss her male companion, while others like straight to sit in the right. Whether you like what kind of style, there is an interesting suggestion is that when you are riding in a partner, may swing back and forth or hips do circles, this to your clitoris with stronger stimulation, and can feel deeper insertion advantages, many women prefer this method very. Another advantage is that the method of man’s stimulus is smaller, so that he can support much longer.

in Feng Zhihe leg potential

the man lying on the bed, legs apart, women’s straddle on it to enter ordinary posture, then slowly lay on man body, closed legs. Because the legs together, men’s > the penis can feel more pressure, therefore also bring more pleasure for both men and women. This kind of feeling is very strong, usually quickly made the man reaches run.

in Feng back type

this pose is women back to the man, riding upon him. At this time the women’s hands can press on the man’s knee, the formation of a leverage to help their hips up and down Daodong. This position to force a penis into an unusual angle to the other, many female sexy happy. Of course, at the same time, women in happy should not forget to use a hand search, to massage of testicular , many of the men at the very desire you to pull or rub him.

in Feng limit embrace

this position is not simply of * * * *, from some kind of meaning >

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