In making an inventory of Western men of different skills

of life add a lot of fun, let life more full of passion. In the sex neutral skills are also diverse, below we together look at Chinese and Western man’s skills have what different.


details: break the normal procedure, trying new tricks
sex players, charming headdress they let female wearing a bunny, wear him to transparent underwear to buy you, encourage you again tomorrow to go to breast augmentation, let him more visual stimulation and feel. He always has a way of persuading you to meet him all sorts of strange things to come to grips with the idea of American men, the key is to open, what can EASY.

Chinese man: is synonymous with, really, his sex, just like a cup of wine, need to slowly. Today, he’s probably lying half naked on the bed, the necessary a cup of wine by him as the flirt. Slowly he will spill wine on your name, and then use the mouth quietly absorb……

reading tips: American men: a pattern of sex good, they let the attractive female headgear wearing a bunny, put on him to give you a transparent underwear to buy, encourage you tomorrow to go to breast augmentation.

details of the two: sexual foreplay selflessly tease woman estrous area

Chinese man: fingers and lips started on your back estrous area swimming. Slowly, he will be more and more flexible, his tongue in your neck, ears cruising, hand Shun >

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