In unusual places to look for the Unforgettable Fire

contact you must cooperate with the environment, if in the kitchen, will be "quick fix", do not have too much romance; while in the light, is more suitable for strong, wild sex ; or you can little candles, a fire, create the twilight light, this is a slow passion to match this perceptual environment, not because the familiar or comfortable and fall into the habit of immutable and frozen. Sex should be exciting, sometimes change — small example from bright became dark — enough to incite in your contact in the sexual spark.

try don’t think of local love in some of you two, ensure the stimulation!

sex what place you in, may be more than you how, can let your lover excited. Even in another room sex of your family, or in a crowded room quietly told her that she makes you how excited, also can maintain the novelty and excitement.

is a sensory experience, when you use all the feeling, the passion will improve. If you limit your sex place, that you are on the limit of your own. Before you try it before, you will never know sex in unusual places, can make you so excited.

anywhere in the world may be sex place, may become uncomfortable or act in haste, but, in the car, outdoors or in a banquet Restroom, sex generated passion than any inconvenience worth. You don’t have to give up the bedroom and comfortable secret, however, if you have a chance, you will have a memorable experience.

can you planned your sexuality in unusual places, can come very naturally occur in that place.

your lover might reluctantly agreed to, or that you will be "live arrest". Don’t force her, but, when you see a good place, and time permits, will not hesitate to recommend her sex. Your lover may just need to get used to the idea, then let her interest to this thing.

if you plan to have sex in unusual places, in advance to determine >

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