industry influence is more and more.

Lanzhou marathon on June 13 at more than 40000 players run in the side of the Yellow River – Sohu Sports & nbsp; Lanzhou, the mother river, a beautiful run on June 13, staged a wonderful. 2015 Lanzhou International Marathon, has attracted the world’s attention. Passion marathon, new energy Lanzhou!" From China, Ethiopia, Kenya and other 21 countries and regions of more than 40000 players along the the Yellow River passion run, the courage to sprint. Hold a competition, marketing a city. In the blink of an eye, over the past five years, from the initial questioning today’s passion to fly, LAN mark2010 participants is more and more, attention is more and more high, rising reputation and brand famous degree rise ceaselessly, industry influence is more and more.   today, the blue horse race has been defined as the only one of China’s only running around the Yellow River, the highest altitude of the whole country, the largest and most influential international sports events in Gansu province. LAN has been awarded the title of the international copper award. This year, Lanzhou city is proposed LAN Marseille to to the international gold standard event close, according to the international gold standard game do standard match to the preparation for the competition, let orchid Marseille continue striving for the international gold medal race. Five years ago, the game itself, the passion and charm of the game in the most vividly, the release of the cultural connotation and the attraction, becoming the new platform for Lanzhou to show themselves, catalysts and booster, the development of Lanzhou into a strong dynamic force, resulting in a huge invisible value. Five years, Lanzhou city to host the International Marathon as an opportunity to combine the marathon events and urban construction, accelerate the traffic congestion, environmental pollution and other urban diseases, and actively create a civilized city, improve the city’s image quality. Has organized air pollution control the overall war battle, remove the air pollution "black hat"; to start the implementation of rail transit, beneath the cross and a group of "smooth traffic project; lifting transformation" in the Yellow River customs line, completed the marathon park. At the same time, Lanmasai will also marathon culture in public in precipitation and infiltration, a healthy and positive life philosophy is Lanzhou people pass. In Lanzhou, a variety of sports and fitness, sports are more and more involved in physical exercise in Lanzhou is also more and more. Since the beginning of May, around 2015 LAN mark2010 carry out sports art fitness activities to attract a broad participation of the masses, aerobics, fitness dance, Tai Chi and other exhibitions and activities is a pick a weekly have, cheering the LAN Marseille. Passion running Lanmasai is let Lanzhou become more and more beautiful, more and more livable and appropriate business, let old Lanzhou glow with unprecedented vigor, LAN Marseille has become a universal participation in the carnival. With the help of LAN Marseille, Lanzhou city sports stage, economic singing lessons do full. In the event of a successful event, the impact of increasing, Lanzhou with the international tournament platform, actively promote the industry advantages of Lanzhou, investment environment, development planning, to create a "nominated gas, poly popularity, increasing business gas" strong atmosphere. 2!

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