Inflatable doll use feeling

    from the Internet, I saw before the invisible things, accepted before completely bandits Yi concept, has been previously received no feelings. Yes, the purchase behavior of Japan is one of the adult doll.


    3, back to 4 years ago, he saw that look better than reality also beautiful Japanese simulation doll images on the internet. Then give me a great touch, a "goods" so, so very beautiful, An Xiang, sexy , real and precious…… Of course, expensive. Was I, an ordinary Senior miles away.


    I is the first reaction, I have money, must buy a come back, in my own house. Even if it does not go with her " love , just as a handicraft collection, as she silently staring at me, is worth the gamble.


    graduate, as 80, endless competition pressure is always accompanied by my hard work. Back to the rental house at night, the body of restlessness, empty inside, and I believe that the same situation friend, can understand this kind of feeling. Have thought to find a prostitute or find a I don’t love girl, release, as long as the energy release.


    but I endure, how to look down I don’t care about other people and laugh at me in male identity, I always persist, I’m waiting for my true love. Said chain ridiculous, but it was really my personality.


    occasionally think of that Japanese simulation doll, then go to the online survey, to understand the price down some, say is another new series appeared. I still cannot afford the price, and even if the money, but can not buy. But I was already identified, this doll is my kind of personality, best choice before marriage.


    may be because of the persistent spirit me, I work very hard, and soon became the supervisor, some girls begin to close to me, I told them a beautiful girl at the friends. I didn’t hold on my insistence, 9 months later, I told her to bed. I think this is a kind of fate, is the responsibility, I should work harder to make money, love, care for her; I’m doomed to marry her, live a happy life, even the future of the child’s name, I think a lot of. Like many young people, to experience and the abuses of the world through the same >

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