Insert the pain will be relatively small skills first

        Internet users: the glans penis slowly was unable to find a breakthrough is posture problems or what? Should enter to use what posture to relieve of female pain?

      sex Master reply:

      increase the caress, make her relax, can she is pleasant and reduce pain. According to caress scheme below to do it:

      hand Anrou throughout the breast , again above gently circle, fast and slow your breath and use, often for fancy make

      in the female sexy zone, only the breast and sexual organs and tied for the highest sensitive region. More accurate statement, saying with its is the breast, be inferior to saying is the nipple part. Some people are stimulated, even is not inserted into the penis, nipple can only be caressed the climax of the women also have.

      nipple is known as highly sensitive zone, but if the old with a same caressing way, in gradually accustomed to such stimulation, will be no feeling, so as to avoid a mere formality, it should use a variety of different stimulus.

      first general caress, refers to the use of hands knead breast. But don’t be too hard. First to the finger will cover whole breast, nipple to finger caught again slowly caress. Weak, sometimes strong, sometimes like playing a musical instrument.


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