Insertion depth effects; ejaculation time

when the woman lying and to the penis. Therefore, vagina and penis is not easy to close. Male penis may slightly lie down toward the vaginal opening, assist lubricating plus love liquid, it can be smoothly inserted.


can’t find a vaginal position, men can try to imagine the penis site slightly below the exploration, and then his fingers slowly move up and can be inserted into the glans penis. An inexperienced person, with a finger to confirm the vaginal entrance can be in the caress of the time, so it is easy to be inserted smoothly. The penis angle if wrong, can not be inserted into the vagina, penis to try to imagine yourself part slightly below the exploration, and then his fingers slowly move up can be inserted into the glans penis.

according to the woman the moist situation to determine insert time foreplay time is needed, the warm intimate caress, kiss, will stimulate the vaginal lubrication fluid, if the vagina is not wet, is that the woman has not reached the degree of acceptance of the penis excitement. Force the penis, make her painful.

so, if love liquid hyposecretion may be in touch with saliva to supplement. If by foreplay reached pleasure, have the habit of women will naturally fork legs open, and let the man’s waist easily to my vagina, and issued a tender, anxiously voice said: " come on! " at this time, the male can be pressed into the vagina, penis. sex is two other musicians such things, insertion method can be said to grasp the best time.

depth of magical function

ancient fangzhongshu caressing skill, is from the finger tip to the shoulders, toes tip to the thigh, caress gently each other. Feet, is the first from the big toe and the two toe to start, then gradually moving up. Because of the leg nerve endings is top-down distribution. Hand in hand, by the middle finger to start, and index finger and ring finger, three finger interaction friction. First rub the back of the hand, and then into the palm, from the palm to the delocalized, four fingers in the arm inside attentive caress, gradually on the shoulder.

in the hands and feet caressing action is completed, the man left the hug the woman back >

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