Inventory of foreign women excel with sexual skill

, Israel: women take the initiative to request

of the 14840 Israeli women’s survey, 72% of people in a recent high tide, 71% of people know how to ask need — this result suggests that, during sex, Israeli women most understand "ask and you shall receive" means.

Israeli journalist Majana Shen Na introduced, in the past 20 years, Israel women become more and more active, and popularize the knowledge about this. Now more and more women have sex for is to reduce the pressure and master their own way of life. In Tel Aviv, many women will go to stores to buy things, female Mini oscillator is their "close friend".

Brazil: dare to attempt position

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health " magazine survey found that Brazilians, source of passion, is sex in the spirit of exploration and Innovation: nearly 1/3 people often use sex toys, 77% people will try to sex position or manner of fresh. The laser provides the
beauty Institute to hair technology is deeply popular with women. Many women think, this can make oneself more

Brazil Medical College of University of Sao Paulo associate professor Camita Carlos Rivera worked on our people’s behavior had 3 more comprehensive survey. She said: "the Brazilian is not what bias in sex life, willing to innovate and try. Moreover, partners can easily communicate, in pursuit of the greatest degree of happiness >

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