Inventory to the husband and recruit a cool storm skills

although we do not like the actress like AV, there are a variety of skills the ability of , however, our sex also can not like white boiled noodles like insipid, sex is not necessarily make you forever take male on the female model, when appropriate, change sex skills can give sex hyperchromic many Oh!

mining is ignored sex chance

married, have children, more time is work, children, places of public entertainment occupied, apparently, the couple together in less time, this is not to say that sex should decrease, no, even if is such, husband and wife should also be fully appropriate use of time, do not let off any non bed time sex.

improved touch skill


years of marriage, we will because the habit of a person’s existence and let the feelings of a solid, no matter how many years of marriage, touch the feeling of how to change, we should all be affectionate to do so, although like the left hand touch the same feeling awkward, in fact, we can properly improve sexual touching skills, so as to eliminate objective obstacle, really enjoy life .


learn to say what you will

most men would behave like ascetics like in bed, though he tries hard to sincerely to please his wife, but it does not mean that oneself really so cool, so, appropriate to say what you will, for example, want to let his wife a part of your care more about, only to be reasonable, I believe can communicate. Woman is the same.

href= "" rel= to expand love space

if the bed is not the only place where couples have sex, you will miss the other more interesting place to have sex in the home, nature is difficult to realize the high difficulty sex to bring fun with each other, so, want to expand sex space bold point, opening up a bit.

do not miss fleeting time

we are always things some outside interference, even love, in the interference when distracted, naturally mention disinclination to. So, want more fun sex, as long as the desire is provoked, don’t let go, and then immediately action >

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