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Heavy pound! Real Madrid giants meet bogeba broker hit 1 billion PK Basa Pogba will be the price to join Real Madrid (data) Tencent sports may 6 news according to the latest reports of the Spanish "Aspen", is in the Champions League (micro blog) thematic semi-final with Real Madrid Juventus (official micro blog data) luxury door will open a dozen of, Juventus official website data midfielder Paul Pogba’s agent Mino Raiola suddenly appeared Real Madrid staying in the hotel, which immediately Pogba will join Real Madrid news spread like wildfire. It is reported that Real Madrid arrived in Turin after the golden The Royal Hotel, and in the local time on Monday around noon, Pogba’s agent Leora is out of the luxury hotel. Players of the Maxwell’s agent, Pogba was the transfer market "price reached 5000 million, is the most expensive player Lukaku, Matuidi and Zlatan Ibrahimovic who will be the next, the Dutch agent is not currently agent the rights and interests of any real Madrid players. So why did Leora appear in the Real Madrid Hotel? The media pointed out: pierce to the heart of the matter is of course to meet Real Madrid president Florentino. It is reported that Lafayette also along with Real Madrid, Turin, on the surface is to preheat the will on June 2, held Huang Mayou Wen Yuan old charity game, but its real purpose is to sign Pogba. In addition to Real Madrid, Basa (official website data), Bayern, Manchester City (data) and Paris and other giants team, also want to sign the French genius. The daily sports news broke the news Monday that Barcelona in order to be able to sign Pogba, has opened up to 70000000 euros transfer fee, and intends to Pedro and Montoya also gave Juve, the total value of the transaction more than 100000000. It is in see rivals after the shot, Lafayette sit personally rushed to the "front line", direct trader with the player’s agent negotiation. Galeries Lafayette and Raiola negotiation results is not known, but from the past c Luo (micro blog data), Kaka and bale et al to join, as long as the Lafayette shot, deep pocketed a solid foundation of Real Madrid not dozen don’t win the battle. Since Barcelona bid has reached 1 billion euros, compared to Real Madrid finally sign Pogba to spend, it seems unlikely that less than 1 billion euros, this summer’s transfer market, Real Madrid is likely to also create a price superscript Wang the. (Mauro)

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