It is clear from the reactions of women orgasm

sex or foreplay in the use of different action at the same time, you should pay attention to the woman’s reaction, in order to find the most suitable way to comfort her mood at that time, then let her excited in this way.

playing with this action, change it again, and then come back to this action, because, again is like action, if repeated, or will become boring. However, once she was very excited, you can continue this action, it will make her to reach higher level of excitement.

. With your hands on your man, want to tightly contact each other, pudenda.

two. Thrust double, hope vulva above have adequate friction.

three. Lu Zhang abdominal zhuangruo Ying Feng, is nothing but hope man > ejaculation.

four. Rear pull move, revealed that the woman had the pleasure.

five. Legs bent, seduce a man body, is to the penis inserted deeper.

six. Two strands of leg intersection, said in her vagina to ban.

seven. Waist to sway, hope penis deep inserted and shake to get around.

eight. He bowed to the under tight man, has been in the high tide way.

nine. General longitudinal swing straight, showing limbs has reached happy vertex.

ten. Vulva fluid flow forth, said it had reached sexy peak, finish.

the above women’s ten species of action, can see that her happiness degree. But that is not to say that every woman will have this process or reaction, vary from person to person, sometimes even the same person, will also have certain difference between two times.

refers to techniques include direct stimulation of sexy refers to the skill. Especially from the aspect of mental stimulation. Can all of a sudden increase

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