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The knight video spoof apology for which involves elements of family violence, female fans are boyfriend "beat" Tencent sports May 8 news ESPN news, Cleveland Cavaliers today officially they during the game play a ridicule video "make an apology. In the video, a dressed in bulls jersey for the female fans by wearing jerseys Cavaliers boyfriend "beat", although this is only a ridicule, but the outside world that after watching the video feeling unwell, and that this video to promote the taste of domestic violence in which. "We will take a short film about 1 minutes, which is active in the atmosphere." In a statement, the knight said, "we are not meant to be offensive or aggressive video, but we are very sorry that this video is involved in the elements of domestic violence." "Domestic violence is a very serious thing, even if it is not to make fun of the video should take these as the material. We sincerely apologize to those who are affected by this, because we do not have to take into account the feelings of those who are deeply troubled by domestic violence, we will choose a more active video during the game." "The team has been strongly opposed to domestic violence, which has long been the case. We will continue to work with the ‘domestic violence and child counseling center’ in our region to support their projects, and to make this country without domestic violence." The plot of the video is the heroine and wearing Knight cheering T-shirt "AllIn" boyfriend together along with the music dance, when actress picked apron exposed inside the Bulls T-shirt, ready to put into the arms of her boyfriend, her boyfriend did not catch him, but the the lift her over his head and fell to the ground and said: "you are a Bulls fan? I never knew you were a bull." Finally the heroine put on the knight’s cheering T-shirt, also took the ice grievances to the boyfriend said. "Now I am also the Cavs fans." It is reported that, NBA will not be punished because of this video to the knights. (Ning Han)

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