it will be difficult to accept. The Japanese team to withstand the pressure is far greater than the national football. When a team in order to win may use desperate crazy attack tactics. As a result

How much do you know about the Japanese football national football win him the odds? How to record the end of Japan’s Asian Cup? Tencent sports August 9th Beijing time in August 9th at 20:10, the end of the 2015 East Asian Cup, the national football team will face the Japanese team. Only the national football team beat Japan, Party won the East Asian Cup there is hope. You can know yourself as well as the enemy, war be triggered at any moment of the occasion, we also need to conduct in-depth understanding of the Japanese team. Staff constitute: no returnees all players from the J league team in Japan in the early Australian Asian Cup in Australia, including Kagawa Shinji, Honda Keisuke and Hatomo Yuto, and other big players gathered, to show the determination of the record in defending. Paradoxically, the Japanese team in the 1 / 4 finals with the UAE, occupy absolute advantage broke lack technique, the final penalty shootout regret out. In contrast, the Japanese team competing in the East Asian Cup squad is shabby many, all the players from the J. League, no one overseas player to play, well-known Chinese fans, also only wood Qiyue and Takashi Usami, a few people. The Japanese team is the oldest 29 years old, the youngest is only 20 years old teenager Asano Takuma. Which is the largest number of appearances for the Japanese team is playing 25 games in the real life, there are 4 players did not play on behalf of the Japanese team. Scored only 7 players for the Japanese team, the most goals are scored 3 goals in Qiyue chai. It is not difficult to see that the Japanese team lack of competition experience, is basically composed of two or three line players. Therefore, we can only will be referred to as "Japan’s second team, even if the Orangemen win the battle, does not mean that the defeat of the Japanese team in the true sense. Two wars greatly defending the Boulevard of broken dreams as the defending champions play the Japanese team, the first two games respectively 1-2 defeat North Korea, 1-1 draw with South Korea, two games are made only 1 draw 1 negative record, which also makes Japan ahead of time lost the hope of defending. The Japanese team at the end of the round with China battle, is completely reduced to avoid the fate of the bottom of the honor of the war. Although the Japanese team is the top teams in Asia, to win the four Asian Cup champion, is the highest number of teams, the Japanese team also scored all five World Cup since 1998. But the Japanese team for the Asian Cup attitude has always been perfunctory, will this event as a. The East Asian Cup, the Japanese team will therefore suffered at the end of the round, must overcome China team to avoid the fate of the bottom. At the end of the war and the pressure on the back of the burden of the first two rounds only 1 flat 1 negative record, but also to the Japanese team has a huge pressure. Japan’s media and fans, both on the performance of the Japanese side to attack, which also makes the coach Harry Howe Chi has a huge pressure. If at the end of the round can’t beat the Chinese team and the Japanese team will win from the previous rapidly reduced for this session of the bottom of the, this is also the Japanese team anyway, it will be difficult to accept. The Japanese team to withstand the pressure is far greater than the national football. When a team in order to win may use desperate crazy attack tactics. As a result, the Japanese team’s defense will increase the pressure, the field will appear more loopholes, the country can also get more opportunities. In recent years, the country to face the Japanese team when the record is not good. Now facing the team lineup, low morale, incomplete pressure cap

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