Keep men do not discharge prescriptions (map)

in of "treasures" exhibition of the life, does not adhere to the "discharge", is the most men desire. However, some men, but not always, "battle" began not long "surrender", let the wife before "climax coming on the end of the battle". It has been used in one sentence summed up ancient fangzhongshu, that a man and a woman to postpone the orgasm, orgasm. So, man does not adhere to the "discharge" in sex is a common concern by men and women. There are several methods that can help male playing the "protracted war", to promote the harmony of sexual life of husband and wife.

I use condoms. Wear a condom, can reduce glans is stimulated, thus delaying the

/ go to the battle-front without any burden, not in the "battle" blind pursuit of "brave". Because too brave words, because of anxiety, anxiety and leads to reduced ejaculation central control ability. When ejaculation urgency, adjust the pump speed. The man will be " out or suspended twitch the penis, can reduce the sexual tension, and then according to the recovery of twitch, repeat this action could significantly prolong the sex time.

if you adopt labor-saving sex positions. As far as possible to choose some man with little force, muscle relaxation, body posture, such as horizontal side, woman on top, to extend coital time sitting type etc.. Using the missionary position, the male relatively active, a larger movement, easily excited, ejaculation too fast. But if the use of the men and women of position or lateral position, type, women’s accounted for the initiative, the man with little force, muscle >

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