Keep women hi 4 oral sex.

if we introduced before the milk into the method already let you feel shocked, so today 163 health net to bring all of the "

lock lip type

uses your lips, gently took her labia majora holding together. Then, between the inner and outer labia labia run your tongue. So, every time lock valve two side of the labia minora. For love to add some excitement weights, but this recruit who can not learn it oh.

Snake game


" the vagina is the most sensitive part. Lock this sensitive area with your tongue, is it slightly inserted into her vagina mouth. Then try to let your tongue thrusting motion simulation. At the same time, also let it inside the vaginal opening round in circle. Good high difficulty movement have ah, like to try it, to work on your tongue.

hit the pedicle type

the clitoris is the most sensitive woman body. Crazy longing for love. The trick here is to focus on this. Separate the outer labia couples with your fingers.

then, tongue gently in a week strike touch of clitoris. Here you can with other skills will be combined. For all women, and achieved through clitoral stimulation of high tide is the most incomparable yo.

the clitoral suck

to the steps, enough to prove that the partner has yuxianyusi. At this time, you want the sex into more intense stage, this move is essential. Note, a > in these ventriloquist action

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