Let a man sexual blessing Wahaha skill unceasingly

        the traditional idea that man is not sexual, man sex is not decent man, who do not know the rules are set, nowadays more and more young wife began to understand the sex skills, men customers actually also no ground for blame.

      sex is a natural product, to the depths of love must have a voice, customers more abundant explain each other to give you the excitement of the increasingly high, " the better quality of life, so forcibly suppressed sexual vocalizations is totally unnecessary.

      Fann netizen is now the 40 year old mother, after having children than previous Y more flabby, with her husband’s sex life more and more coordinated, to the last almost can not find any feeling, her husband in addition to the mechanical movement, had no sex high tide, two couples also began to gradually into the plain, Wenfang heart has unwilling, decisive wahaha!

      because the husband action too mechanical, Wen Fang said she Y not only relaxation, still very dry, often get old a long time not see a little love liquid, husband sometimes no patience forced love , Wen Fang said she not only no feeling, but also hurt and tired, sometimes the pain tears are out, she felt her husband don’t love, often scold husband husband cattle, in addition to shake one’s head and sigh nor speak.

      Wen Fang decided to Wahaha, and her husband back. Wen Fang secretly find a friend to her way, her friend said let her every day, all right do the Wahaha movement, hold to help on Y Road, Y road after tightening exercise, compact Wenfang, and private place more and more powerful, some sex skill also capture an enemy easily, feeling very grip the love with her husband, the climax comes very quickly.

      at the end of last month, Wen Fang also first heard our husband out of control, to see him so happy, Wen Fang felt two people love to come back again, and deeper >

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