Let a woman get like choking secret pleasure

sexual life is an important content of married life, but for many workers are busy male , after the fatigue of the day, it is easy to ignore and forget even complain about sex, sexual intercourse will consume your physical strength. So when a male human force sexual way what?

1, on

in female posture

when men feel tired, can grasp the initiative for sexual intercourse in the woman’s hands, this can make men don’t consume energy and complete sex activity. Women in the upper position, the most intense should be cross in males waist, waist sat straight up and down movement posture. This movement may be further of uterine decreased, so the male intimacy can stimulate the uterus and that both men and women get pleasure directly.

2, lateral recumbent

this is a gesture of male love, because there is no need to take the weight, so it is suitable for use in tired. The male can enter by the front or rear, and this is a as long as the proper position for a contact will be able to enjoy the fun. The disadvantage is the insertion depth is shallow, thus unable to get sufficient stimulation.

3, before sitting posture

there is a call before sitting posture, is that men and women face to face sit out of the legs, men, women above the men spread across the thighs, embraces each other. In this case, the male can put his hands behind back, entirely by the female >

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