Let her fast climax the ecstasy of the super skills

            introduction: necessary conditions of high tide is heart no burden, to relax, so essential to flirt with caresses.

first the normal position (missionary) inserted about 1 and a half minutes after transposition, change the squat position (on the men and women, " male squat on the bed): this posture masculine bioelectricity trough will begin to decrease significantly in order to avoid premature ejaculation, at the same time, squat state can regain some strength, but this posture will reduce the feminine bioelectricity trough, so only lasts for 1 minutes or so, just change – back type: this position can let a female 80% > the penis. Pleasure is strong, and easy to find the point of application of force to male, female buttocks as fulcrum, before and after the beginning of motion.

due to the front position squat position to cause the male to supplement the energy, reduce the bioelectricity trough, so third postures. When using the back position, with plenty of stamina, with force, in the penis length into 80%. Adhere to this position in 2 and a half -4 minutes, feminine bioelectricity may be due to crashing fast, have a vaginal orgasm. 2 and a half minutes after -4 males physical basically run out, need to supplement immediately, the bioelectricity accumulates around about 40% more. — for women sitting position, men lie down, women sit face to face with the above. Physical slot men began to restore the history, the bioelectricity trough began to grow, but also high-speed growth.

because women sitting, so male penis will be 100% to enter the female body, at the same time, the tooth bone starts to hit the female clitoris. About 30 seconds later, the feminine bioelectricity rises to about 78%, starts the clitoris high tide, secrete a lubricating fluid more at the same time.

males will obviously feel the impact of heat flow in the glans, bioelectricity trough can grow to 80-90% if not controlled, easily by >

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