Let her love liquid overflowing from the touch fluctuation kongfu

            href= "in love , love liquid can have lubricant effect, reduce the "hard friction" to the pain of women. Many male are very much like to know in sex process, how do you know women pleasure to what extent. In this regard, love liquid, and can be good indicators. Men always remember: only when the vaginal secretion of also reaches a certain amount, is really the signal can be DOSOMETHINPREVIOUSLYUNRELEASED. Secretion more, proved that higher levels of female sexual pleasure, also more intense.

            to make her love liquid spewing, want to touch the foot effort from top to bottom

Vaginal fluid

was not in a period by liquid mixing a variety of sources and secretion, is from of the inside of the uterus. When the male sexual stimulation of the female with a finger or tongue, vaginal fluid volume and vaginal blood flow increased synchronously. How many will be able to see the quality of foreplay, customers get a preliminary results.

vaginal secretions, will make a big change in the cross front: beginning no viscosity, but with the increase of the degree of excitement, pleasure increased, the viscosity will gradually improve. In view of the fact that the company is a response to sexual stimulation, if you want to life >

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