Let her love liquid spout is non-stop pointing to ability

sex a variety of ways, not necessarily must be " href= "http:// vaginal is complete, sex . We can use many ways to obtain, make sex more fun, more perfect. As fun activities, , oral sex foreplay caress, will let the sex becomes out of the ordinary. Today, small make up to recommend to you is " " refers to the technique;.

we’re during sex, always ignore the importance of fingers. Both the kiss, caress, sex, all cannot do without the finger. male hand, touching it, can make a woman feel from his palm temperature; and when your fingers touch her genitals, the more wonderful.

1, isolating clothes to provoke

when we use refers to the skill of the time, do not go up to begin, which will make female natural folded legs, rejection psychology. So, in order to make the whole process more natural, we must first to caress on the. Start kissing, touching her shoulder. It is said that, when men touching female shoulder, makes women have a sense of security. So, starting from the shoulder, gradually down to caress. Then, the finger stuck in her genitals, but don’t go in, through underwear, if have be like without provoking her genitals, gave her pleasure. Of course, to provoke her genitals, also do not forget to kiss her. Under the stimulus at the same time, let her pleasure more intense.

2, palms Fu

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