Let nun crazy sexual foreplay tips

          1, win the trust of

          on the psychological level, " in women feel a sense of security and a sense of trust, to be the body entrusted to partner. Investigation shows, at the beginning of the sexual behavior, about 48% of women do not want to, but in the partner’s offensive melting tenderness, the last 80% of women intoxicated. male from pleasing women gain a sense of achievement, the thrill of conquest in the Chi occasion arise spontaneously. Of course, if the male desire action, initiated by women flirting foreplay, they also accept.


launched a gentle offensive

          we might as well be male and female body as instrument. Men in the play the female body, please light twist slowly kneading, gentleness. Women need to touch and tease the emotional and spiritual, to provoke lust, so slow down, hands and mouth, kissing and caressing each other’s body, from the most distant limbs to breast milk and other key parts of the clitoris slowly approach.

          3, kiss her a thousand times is not enough

          kiss is often a part of foreplay, men in addition to kiss point fall on the lips, ears, neck, back, nipple, perineum and clitoris generally known sensitive zone, also don’t ignore the fingers and toes, armpit, thigh, the elbow and knee joint medial soft parts try to lick and suck, bite the imagine skills, provoked different reactions.

          4, gentlemen also do

          in this intimate moment, the hands do not idle, finger light can’t light touch, finger tip circle, finger pressing, dig dig, import and transform " refers to the technology, can be applied to " in all can imagine and needs to be developed the sensitive zone, LELO production of Tiane 2, lovers of double earthquakes, if can be used at this time, will bring you different feeling. At the same time, embraced tightly, arms, body rub rub and other contacts, also often makes the female hairs erect, her breath again and again, the body gently Oscillatoria >

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