Let the woman caress of love liquid rolling technique

man must remember: when to touch of the female organs, to constantly changing. Don’t use the same finger has, should another finger have a try, then use two fingers, and then the three root. Occasionally, you can also use the palm of the hand to go from the bottom up across the vulva.

sometimes, you can grab a pillow over, and then in the "lower" (the female sex organ) tied house around fifteen minutes. In this fifteen minutes, you don’t turn their attention elsewhere; in the most relaxed way, according to the following suggestions to explore.

started from the thigh to touch labium. On the back massage the clitoris; remember to rub it in the lubrication state, so as to avoid excessive friction and make a woman feel pain, tenderness and rhythmically up and down twisting, and after a while, and then back and forth rub, and then again on the back.

Breathe adjust comfort

with the woman’s rhythm rate. When she gets excited, the console to speed up the pace, then slow down. Fast and slow, easy and not impatient, and at random and made to roam. If she can also stimulate your After the

walk everywhere, you can start to knead around the clitoris. The first to the left, and then from cruising right circling, and then around the small circle. After that, and then into a mobile spiral kneading, start from the whole external vagina spiral around the rub, and then slowly toward the clitoris narrow circle. Spend some time in gently the glans of the clitoris, then slowly expanding the circle of rubbing.

when you open the clitoris, do not knead it, should from above the clitoris nerve dimension, from the top down and back on. Without regular movement change can make a woman feel very exciting.

Application of

in different actions at the same time, you should pay attention to the woman’s reaction, in order to find the most suitable way to comfort her mood at that time, then let her excited in this way; ask to play the action, change it again, and then come back to this action, because, again make people love action, if repeated, or will become boring. However, once she was very excited, you can continue this action, it will make her to reach higher level of excitement.

touching a woman’s clitoris, you can try to use different fingers turns kneading it, have a look which finger get stronger reaction.

if your fingers are tired, you can use your tongue to have a try, she will like it, because it is a completely different feeling. Especially when the woman is very excited, with your tongue licking her clitoris >

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