Let the woman is dissolute groan butterfly style.

has not heard "butterfly stimulation of sex skills, even though we have heard is not necessarily able to quickly implement. However, if once you master this position skills, then bring you more than a woman in bed dissolute groan……

why this position so perfect? This is actually attributed to this position the angle, in this case in male and female penis body angle is very perfect, in the in the process of male sexual intercourse can good stimulation of the G-spot and female and let a female

why this position is known as the butterfly sex? We can obviously find, in the figure of sexual intercourse posture, the entire the human body is like a flying butterfly, female male herald the rise and dance in a happy mood around the butterfly. The most important thing is this posture will make you feel the hitherto unknown stimuli, you can try this new challenging sex positions.

how to enjoy this novel sex position

this is not a simple sex position, it is a relatively difficult sexual positions, if not the most difficult is a close to the highest degree of difficulty of the posture. In this position, the female is in a lying position, her hips and back would be men with arms up, " vaginal will be brought to the male, href= "

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