Let you in bed excited sex positions

          rear seat position method and Its Application — making           this asana, in any place can easily, and arbitrarily change posture, is a break with tradition, a method of imaginative.

          method is the man to support the woman’s buttocks, and Y insert stem. At this time, the man will bear all the weight of the woman, but still want to as far as possible the woman pulled to the lower abdomen, be tightly attached to the woman’s buttocks, which has a great impact on the psychological. And in this way the movement, will stimulate the Y department can bring women a great pleasure.

          the biggest characteristic of this asana pose, is not restricted. Such as: the woman’s feet can be fully extended to the side of the body of the man, and the female genital will be exposed to the outside, caressing behavior to facilitate male .

          energy-saving method and Its Application — is beneficial to pregnant foreplay gently insert the

          rear asana is both men and women are lying on the side, while women accept insertion of Y stems from the back. Method is the male from >

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