Let you possess the unique passion sexual foreplay

          "consummation" is actually a live, if you don’t learn, may in this life can only stay in the " sex the primary stage, meet the most primitive demand by the wife complained, "you stay wood, never thought I feel".

          as a man, if not let his wife moisture like a flower, you can’t blame her There was a red plum tree., at this time, if prior to come up with their own "this still young chicken" of the facts to make excuses, we can’t afford to lose this man ah.

ear and neck: in her ear, said moving message, from time to time touch, lick her charming earlobe, coarse breath gradually strong, will make her excited.

: the first is a gentle kiss on the lips, the lips linger, when she was after reaction, to French kiss (don’t ask me what is the French kissing, the pupils are aware of the issue, I refuse to answer. ) while kiss, your not idle hands.

chest: you should now have a hand can be free, this hand, please crept into her clothes, her breasts caressed. There is a certain relationship between the chest of the sensitivity and physiological cycle, her excitement degree, this you have to explore their own. The intensity is not too large, a sex expert said, "when you focus stroked her breast and gastric junction, she will immediately excited." Of course, women own reaction, or to take hold of.

hips: put in her waist hand don’t idle, along the S curve of wonderful, Waltz like slowly came to her hips, waist and thigh between sacral touch, let her slowly excited.

private sector: perineal concentrate very much nervous, when the intensity from light to heavy touch it, might lead to unbelievable effect. The clitoris perineal ministry also has a special position, clever way, touch it or even kiss it, may be able to give her unbelievable run.

when two people into the state, of course, you can do the last step, known as the piston movement. Is generally believed that http://nrs>,

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