Let you try to stop but cannot all types of oral sex position

let you try to stop but cannot all of oral position

60 type

for those who love thrill seeking women, this oral sex posture is the best choice. Specific approach: a man lying down, head hanging on the edge of the bed (also can be sofa, chair and so on tiles), a woman riding the man’s face. A woman can bend your knees, control the stimulus, speed. In this position, the woman should pay attention not to give the man the neck too much pressure.

68 type

this posture is 69 type of evolution. Specific approach: the man is lying down, head up. The woman is lying on top to man, but the first heading in the opposite direction. But the best under the neck pad man’s a pillow, so as to avoid neck nervous. In addition, this position can give full play to the role of man’s hands, give the woman a surprise.

69 sat

Two big fun

this position combination of life: enjoy oral sex and sat. Once a man sat quietly, can be narrowed eyes, comfortable enjoy love "wait". Of course, for women, may not be used, no one is willing to his head caught in between the legs, and dishevelled hair. If a man loves a woman, must remember to help straighten out the hair, this will allow the two sides will meet.

vertical sucking

this position for men is relatively ideal position. Any time, different location can be carried out. The man erect, also can back against the wall, a woman kneeling in front of him. Enjoy the double this position can let a man physically and mentally.

female riding type

generally, many women enjoy this posture, by adjusting the height of their different sensations. This can reduce the pressure, reduce the body position, by moving around to shift the focus, to achieve maximum pleasure. At the same time, a man’s hands can also travel around, let the woman yuxianyusi.

inversion type

this posture is very exciting for most men. The man knelt down at the bedside, woman was lying in bed, head to the man below, mouth with his "baby". Slowly to enjoy this oral romantic, will bring different passions and feelings for each other.

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