Life of husband and wife after timely emptying!


we know, in the local sex before and after cleaning, very beneficial to the body. While sexual intercourse after urination and cleaning, also have profit to the body.

Before and after voiding

men’s sexual intercourse can relieve pressure on the bladder, has a comfortable and airy feel. After sexual intercourse, more conducive to falling asleep as soon as possible; women’s sexual intercourse after micturition, also can serve to reduce the abdominal pressure, flush urethra, preventing cross infection and comfortable effect. But the woman’s squat action can be finished ahead of schedule compression abdomen into the of the vagina semen, it did not take > contraceptive measures and don’t want to > pregnant women can also play a certain role in the recovery.

however, if indeed no urine, as long as the body feel good, happy, also must not micturition. Many people can appear micturition problems after sexual intercourse, some people are unable to hold oneself back to urinate, some people on the contrary, half a day or even longer time cannot micturition.


men and women appear dysuria after sexual intercourse time for sexual intercourse after 6 to 10 hours, usually with different levels of urinary retention. This is because the emotional strain, excessive excitement, urethral sphincter and detrusor temporary spasm.

theoretically, " in male urination and spermiation functional innervation from the autonomic nervous the same, so the bladder in sexual excitement and sexual activity in sphincter will also appear in a highly nervous state accordingly, so the

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