Little brother dipping sauce should not be missed.

amphoteric life, couples may wish to play "wet" game, as long as it can bring passion, we must try, maybe you will fall in love with this kind of pleasant sensation!


stem dipping sauce.

has such a scene in the movie "the pillow book": a favorite in a partner with calligraphy inscription " female , using ink and brush dipped in the body show off literary skill. If the lens is applied to real life, will give the partner has a different feeling. Or, you can also put the method of unlimited extension, using various with the color of the substance smeared on the body parts of each other. For example, you can use honey or chocolate sauce smear on the other side of the on the penis, there will be a different feeling. Because these two kinds of food have strong consistency, when you smear, then tongue gently licking a from the other side of the body, will let each other more exciting.

ice wet

thought of the ice, we will feel cool, in fact, the couple, is a more exciting wet trick. You can pre made an ice box, and then put the ice into the ice box first, to form a variety of ice model. To take advantage of this effort, the couple can do some warm-up, then, put the ice from a model of box office, with the fingers of ice on her skin, or use ice to her nipples, or will the ice in your mouth, then feed each other taste, that taste will let each other have fresh to stimulate the feeling.

shower wet

except for a few wet method above, you can also partner with to the bathroom in the water column, and then use the intensity of emitted with hot and cold shower, different temperature, give each other a variety of stimuli. This is also a good method of wet

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