Lonely women do not masturbate in offbeat way

female general masturbation posture, is nothing more than to relax the whole body lying in bed, the body feel comfortable, hands naturally extend to own "garden".
A, posture and skills of

female masturbation, but is to use the middle finger triangle fondle clitoris, gold, and vaginal mouth, others use forefinger and middle finger and thumb grasp the clitoris, thereby obtaining a slight pleasure. Sometimes prone, sitting posture was against the wall.

if the lower body close to the soft bed, can have a kind of can’t express pleasure, if you put the finger on the garden, press or rub it, there will be such as the film described general groan. Then the waist to move up and down, squirming and words, will enter the real pleasure of the territory, so that the tears, slobber, the tense situation in Syria eliminated completely. And relax in the shower, sexual desire, will rapidly increase, to unbearable situation only masturbate. While climbing a tree trunk, thigh clamp with practice, and holding a pillow masturbation is the same reason. A true feeling of masturbation, but "he" astride the thigh, a sports such as horse riding like waist.

Don’t notice

two, the guilt of masturbation masturbation idea

as long as calm and think of human organ, and why? The problem is figured out, and then do the genitals required thing, so as not to have guilt.

because from childhood, they do out of her old masturbation, genital can grow, sexy belt can also continue to be developed, to prepare combined with real organ. Therefore, don’t be ashamed of normal masturbation. It’s not a result of run to try, there are many until night experience, never had masturbation female, even without masturbation process, lived a fulfilling sex life after marriage, sex will be developed, nature can reach a climax state, don’t worry.

is the most important, is to keep hands clean when masturbation, so long as to develop this habit, do not affect the health and hygiene is bad.


three, use the appliance occasion

recently, adult toys electric have masturbation with props to sell, the props than it seems really organ works. But these props are in middle-aged men and women as the object of experience, little girl or less for good.

the past, cucumber, eggplant, sausage, cosmetic bottles, penis model etc., are as masturbation with props, as long as you keep it clean, and all these things can help you reach your full of interesting masturbation.

but, like a light bulb, thermometer, pepper, etc. it is best not to use a broom handle (it is said that before a military officer’s widow, in order to chaste and refused to remarry, one day really can not help, use vacuum > radio.

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