Long married life boring little passion.

husband and wife get along with long, familiar with each other, " sex passion come from? Some people say that by finding, also some people said that rely on wake up. In fact, passion will not return also not wake, between husband and wife the desire and eagerly looked forward to, by the husband and wife both intentions to create.

a woman during lunch in a piece of sex is very creative. Her husband is a professional freelance confuse right and wrong, to live is homely food. After 10 years of marriage, although she basically adapted to the life, but every night before going to sleep, see the husband always on the computer "writing" more than their own, and awakened libido in body waves, heart will be rather baffling to melancholy. Once, the husband is to write all through the night, the morning when she went out, he was lying in bed with a beautiful dream. Lunch when she returned home, a door, see husband wearing a vest and shorts, sitting beside the table full of food, while enjoying the light music while waiting for her. Suddenly, a surge of happiness and desire in general. Romantic music and for her husband’s hope agitate her desires, her husband also like a fire in the parched her passion, never out of control…… They are like lying in the wild grass, a wonderful feeling of pure and fresh, natural, simple enveloped them. Lunch time is short, but to her unforgettable. From then on, break sex has opened up a new way for them to live.

the lady on the midday depression of sexual satisfaction feelings between husband and wife, came from the co creative passion.

will make between husband and wife sex life does not become a liability and the burden, let it become a taste of some, more happy, this passion, than to create an ideal environment is more important.

creation passion is actually not difficult, the key is the husband to learn when a clever husband.

is to help his wife "often wash chopsticks wash the dishes", give them a life of pleasure and spiritual sense of security.

two men will learn to say some nice words. Man’s life is always reality, while the woman is the opposite, often a few beautiful but her husband and illogical words can let them be wild with joy.

three is willing to try. The couple grew older, see Chien Feng, on the other side of the trust deepens, more can go all lengths to express their needs. 35 years later, the life of husband and wife should have new ideas, which is the old play pulls out new. The pleasure of sex is not all lies in action, an old saying goes like tourism often say: "to rush to a destination, only half of the fun is."

good feeling for a long time also inevitably produce tired, sex is even more so for decades in the course of time, follow the same pattern, difficult collision >

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