Love sex ritual


many ancient tribes have a symbolic "sex ceremony". As the boy in some places to grow to a certain age will for "circumcision" (circumcision) as a symbol of the adult, some tribes is the girl grows up, must and clan elders first night, called "campaign ceremony", after all the sex ritual could officially entered the adult stage, can marry, marry. Satan’s lover to today to tell you about the sex ritual, where the meaning of modern people.

sex ritual is a respect for the

of life

ancient Hindu ceremony is the man sex with musk, Sandalwood oil, mint flavoring such as friction female private parts, rat knee, head, forehead and other position, completely to each other as goddess in worship, and then began to massage work, the man started, and then handed over to the woman for the man service. The two sides with reverence of psychology to treat sexual life, sexual life at the beginning of the highest respect for the expression of meaning.

modern sex rituals do

first, want to have a comfortable place, a no noise, not affected by external distractions. Arrange romantic light, soft music, turn off your mobile phone, unplug the telephone line, fully determined this is a completely relaxed moment. After bathing, dressing, and then for each other mutual massage.

do not need to have many superb techniques of massage, wipe on a bit of lubricating oil (you can add a little water with baby oil), along the curve of the body, pressing the soft strength moderate pinch, at any time to care for each other’s feelings, an erotic massage ceremony this is great.


as the best sex ritual foreplay

some people say: "the skin is the largest organ", the whole process is the best sex ritual foreplay. The skin is the largest organ in the body, its all over the nervous, after a gradual touch and massage type can play each sexy source, via a neural pathway to the brain, sexual excitement and satisfaction. Such a sex ritual can be regarded as the best foreplay!

sex ritual is a kind of "feeling focusing training"

sex rituals to slow skilled work, a little anxious not to. When the body completely relaxed, the skin will appear quite sensitive, then slowly touch, massage, can stimulate the strongest sexual excitement, this is a kind of "feeling focusing training". In this process, may have been glad, unable to hold oneself back to a gun to fight, if unable to bear can be broken. Think of it as a necessary training, for the future of life will definitely help you beat all. Sex therapy is the ancient early sex ritual reminiscent of

sex ritual "slow" sexual treatment function! Through a process that completely relaxed, for modern people because of excessive pressure caused by the spirit, anxiety, depression, hormonal recession sexual dysfunction has a fairly good effect, we may as well up treatment > try sex ritual

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